«A Bible, an affirmation, a reference book, a piece of poetry, a true pleasure.»

Fædrelandsvennen on Solid Wood

Lars Myttings non-fiction book Hel ved («Solid wood») is one of the greatest publishing successes in Scandinavia ever. It is a «practical-lyrical» guide on the use and lore of firewood, based on Norwegian traditions and our modern science on stoves and renewable energy.

Since august 2011, over 230 000 copies are printed in Norway and  Sweden alone. The book is also published in Denmark, Finland, Germany and Estonia. UK/US edition will follow in september 2015.


«Dark rural gothic...a highly interesting literary project ... a fabulous narrator...»

HA, Hamar, on Spring Sacrifice

«A joy to read; an absurd road movie
where nobody gets away…»
VG, Oslo on Horsepower

Lars Mytting’s first novel, Horsepower (272 pages) was published by Gyldendal in 2006, and the first print run sold out in three weeks, followed by several additional printings. Translation rights were sold to Germany (Piper), Sweden (Forum), Finland (Like) and Denmark (Samleren).

His second novel, Spring Sacrifice (335 pages), was published by Gyldendal in April 2010. Synopsis and sample translation in English is available.

Third novel, Swim with those who drown, will be published in September 2014. Synopsis and sample translation in English is available.


All translation rights worldwide are handled by Gudrun Hebel at Agentur Literatur in Berlin.

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